Te Matau a Maui. The Waka experience. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Well, firstly, I thought it would have paddles. I was very wrong. One of the senior crew members, Tawhana, let me know that this was a very common presumption. Instead I was greeted by a double hulled, traditional, piece of art. It even had it’s own unique set of sails, so that when the whole fleet are out on the water, we will be able to spot Hawke’s Bay’s beautiful Waka. ! !

I sat back on the dock and watched all the crew turn up. They would greet each other, hop on board and get stuck into preparing the waka. It took me a while to figure out who was the head honcho of the operation, as there was no one person standing around barking orders. Instead, this crew acted more as a family. A cohesive team. A collective of people who were all truly passionate about what they were doing. It really created a harmonious environment. ! !

The idea of jumping on board (with my life jacket on, of course) and filming a promotional video was a very exciting one. This was definitely not going to be an ordinary day at AWA!